JingJin filter press group Co., LTD attends the 13th China international coal mining technology exchange and equipment exhibition


  JINGJIN GROUP which consists of HEBEI JINGJIN filter press co.,Ltd, (which was originally established in 1988), DEZHOU DAMEI separation machinery co., Ltd, DEZHOU DAMEI filter cloth co., Ltd, DEZHOU JINGJIN final assembly co.,Ltd, DEZHOU JINGJIN mechanism fittings co., Ltd. is a large, modern and professional manufacturer of filter presses. Now JINGJIN owns 3600 employees, including 873 technicians, and fixed assets RMB 620 million, with land area 650,000 m2.

  As the pacemaker of China separation machinery industry, Jingjin placed the No.1 position from the Year 2004-2008. It has been honored the well-known brand of China and “the first brand of filter press in China”. Now it’s “The top 500 machinery enterprise” and main draftsman of national filter press standard and filter plate standard. The products with independent intellectual property have exported to more than 142 countries and areas such as: The U.S., Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Korea, India, Peru, Congo, Zimbabwe and Taiwan area of China etc.

  Active participation demonstrates its mien

  As one of the four largest coal machinery exhibitions, the China international coal mining technology exchange and equipment exhibition which is held for every two years attracted many exhibitors from home and abroad. Jingjin filter press Group Co.,ltd which is the largest manufacturer and distributor in the world certainly will not miss this chance.

  In the large special assembly area outdoor, JingJin filter press group co.,ltd with unique booth design, red carpet, attractive filter press and bright slogan "JingJin filter press considers all for you" to make the exhibition area of JingJin group become a beautiful scenery line!

  Opportunity favors only the prepared mind, so does the enterprise. The best proof is that the exhibition area of JingJin filter press attracts so many visitors and clients. “ I think we gain a lot through further communication with customers on the exhibition, we make many new friends and make our product get more attention" said Mr. Jiang GuiTing, the President of JingJin filter press group Co., LTD.

  Profound knowledge, fast development

  Jingjin Filter Press Group Co.,ltd which was established in 1988 is a small company originally that can only produce filter plates and small filter presses, with simply models, low technological element and weak competitiveness, which all bring severe trials to the enterprise.

  Facing the rapidly-changing new process, new technology and new products of the filter press in the world, the chairman Mr. Jiang GuiTing considers the enterprises' situation carefully. After thorough investigation and research, people who master the most advanced filter technology are from Europe! Then, he redefines the enterprise development direction and goal: to introduce the most advanced filter technology, manufacture the most advanced filter products in the world, to make Jingjin group become the largest manufacturer of filter presses and filter plates.

  This seems a little wishful thinking at the time of that age and environment! But achievements are based on the dreams! He visited Europe in several years, after meticulous investigation and learning, finally, he reached a cooperation agreement with Italy Dimme Company which mastered the most advanced technology of filter press in the world.