Asset reorganization instruction of Jingjin group


  Instructions about asset restructuring of Jingjin Filter Press Group Co.,ltd in the Year 2011

  In order to regulate the operation, enhance the market competitive power, and adapt to the basic requirements of a listing enterprise, Jingjin filter press group co.,ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Jingjin group”) decides to transfer the assets and liabilities into new established Shandong Jingjin environmental protection equipment co.,ltd (hereinafter referred to as Jingjin environmental protection) by investments and sales methods.

  The total amount of capital contribution of Jingjin environmental protection is RMB 0.5 billion, with registered capital 0.2 billion. Jingjin environmental protection has been established, and the residual assets, liabilities, businesses and staff have entered into Jingjin environmental protection according to restructuring plan.

  Jingjin environmental protection will take over all original businesses of Jingjin group, which will become pure holding company; To make the businesses hand over more smoothly, our company hereby notify you that from April 1st, the company to sign contracts with you will be changed to Jingjin Environmental protection, which will be responsible for all the production, business and after-sales service of filter presses and other fittings etc.

  Explain and notify hereby !

  Shandong Jingjin environmental Jingjin filter press group co.,ltd

  protection equipment co.,ltd

  April 1st , 2011 April 1st , 2011

  Attach: Account alteration information

  Original account information:

  Account opening name: Jingjin filter press group co.,ltd

  Account opening bank: Development zone subbranch, Dezhou branch, China bank

  Account:4110 0076 2608 0910 01

  Account after alteration:

  Account opening name: Jingjin filter press group co.,ltd

  Account opening bank: Decheng subbranch, Dezhou branch, ICBC

  Account:1612 0021 0902 2517 422