The application of Jingjin flter press in electrolytic manganese metal industry


  The filtration process plays very important role in the production of electrolytic manganese metal. With the fierce market competition, shortage of resources and the improvement of environment protection requirements, how to save production costs, improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity and reduce the pollution have offered higher requirements to the design, fabrication and application of filter press.

  As the pacemaker of China separation machinery industry, Jingjin group always pays attention to the frontier and cutting-edge technologies the global separation machinery industry. In May 2002, JingJin group successfully developed high pressure PP membrane filter plates. All technical indexes have reached the leading level of the same products abroad, and obtained the patent, become the third manufacturer that possessed this technology in the world. With continuous perfection, the maximum membrane inflation pressure of "JingJin" PP plate has reached 4.0 Mpa, represents the most advanced level of the world.

  Import the whole set filter press technology that gets patents in EU in the year 2003 by Diemme, Italy Company,to make the technology of Jingjin filter press reach the advanced level of Europe and America.

  Jingjin group adopts 16Mn bridge steel, use carbon-dioxide arc welding to weld the shaping beam. It has the properties of large tensile strength, good impact resistance, which satisfy the using requirements of high pressure plate and solves the problems of deformation of main beam.

  To ensure the security and stability of hydraulic system, JingJin group uses the most advanced design scheme in the world, and choose the hydraulic components produced by the well-known enterprise. The integrated blocks and pipes are machined through CNC and CNC lathe, conforms to strict installation and operation test procedures and assembly in dust free constant temperature workshop,

  Filter plates are the core components of filter press, the qualities of filter plates influence the performance of the whole machine directly. Jingjin adopted the international advanced limited element analysis software and advanced 3D Solid Workes designing software, to optimal design the filter press. Adopt imported TPE elastomer material and establish alkali-free fiber glass prilling production line, to make all indexes of filter plates reach the advanced level of the world.